A Note on Setting

This is the World of Darkness. This means that this is, in general, a world filled with awful things. This means there will be things like sexual violence, political extremism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and similar themes and it may be graphic. Monsters, corruption, murder, rape, and misery are the order of the day and prevalent throughout the setting - a setting that canonically, every conception of God or any benevolent deities have abandoned.

This does not mean that there is not light to be found, and we strongly encourage players to remember that. Humanity isn't just a cesspool - even in the bleakest of times, people can find joy, strength, and comfort in one another. And, just because it's a dark and edgy world doesn't mean that everyone has to take themselves seriously without a sense of humor. Remember that most vampires and most humans remain just that - essentially human, with all the silliness, optimism, and hope that that entails.

Darkness doesn't mean anything unless there is light to show how dark it is. Will all of the above occur in this setting? Very possibly. Will all of the above be encountered in this setting? Very possibly. But the setting is not a relentless tide of nothing but darkness.

Furthermore, keep in mind this is a server filled with people from across the world, from varied backgrounds and lives and histories. This is a server where people may have dealt with any or all of the things above, where those things may have actually happened to players in real life. Being sensitive to one another and understanding that we are here to be compassionate to one another even while characters may suffer is of paramount importance. We are here to discuss and play through a world where the darkness that exists in our real world is thrust into the main focus, and that means we have to be mature and sensitive to one another. To that end, we have two policies: explicit player consent is required for any scene involving hate crimes, sexual violence, or similar themes. When in doubt: ask. And second, we also have a zero tolerance policy for graphic erotic content. While intense sexuality may be a theme, when it comes to characters engaging in actual sexual intercourse, please take it to DMs or fade to black.

Remember above everything else -

This is a game about monsters. But it is only a game.

Don't use it as an excuse to be a monster yourself.

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