Server: RP Rules


1) Roleplay Smart: This is a pretty basic rule everyone should be aware of. Just don't godmod, powerplay, metagame, or turn your vampire in to a shitty-teen novel mary sue.

2) No Erotic Content: This might seem as a strange rule for a server dedicated to Vampire: The Masquerade and other World of Darkness things, but this is a little different than no 18+ content. You can have blood, gore, violence, swearing, all that jazz. But if you start getting steamy WITHOUT fading to black, you will be kicked.

3) Paragraph Post Format: We're all here to roleplay and write, so do that. Give more in a response than just 'He sipped a soda.' That gets you nowhere. A couple sentences at least.

4) 3rd Person: While tenses don't matter, all posts should be made in third person. Otherwise, it gets strange when there is a mix of them going on.

5) Players vs. Storytellers: While limited control of approved NPCs is allowed (family and friends of characters, random people on the street, bartenders/waiters, etc) anything large (such as a meeting with the prince) should be taken care of with a Storyteller on the other end. If you aren't sure about a specific scenario, the best thing you can do is ask!

6) Character Limit: Everyone is allowed multiple characters that can be used simultaneously if you so wish, provided they are all accepted by a storyteller.

7) On Character Death…: A player character can only be killed by another player character with consent. This rule does not protect against character stupidity. Attacking the Prince will result in player death, end of discussion.

8) Be Courteous to Others: Ask before jumping in the middle of scenes and other similar courtesies. Out of character channels exist to facilitate communication, so please utilize them!

9) Personal Havens: We allow the creation of Personal havens (with admin approval). To be approved you must prove that the type of haven fits the character (a Nosferatu wouldn't live in a crowded apartment complex), and that the character could afford the haven (resources).

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