Gameplay: House Rules

Aura Perception: Aura perception cannot be used to scan a crowd, but can only be used to examine the aura of individuals.

Soul Feast: Only one wraith may be consumed per five days.

Player Mind Control Effects: Attempts to mind control other players are resisted actions, with the defending player using willpower for their dice pool. Furthermore, no mind control effects can last longer than one scene without the defending player's consent.

Blood Bonds: Blood bonds between players can only be created with both players' consent.

Merits, Backgrounds, Flaws: All of these may be earned or granted in-character. Inquire with an ST to learn how a certain one can be acquired. (A full week after a character has been made must be waited before making such a request.)

Automatic Successes: Automatic successes can only be declared by spending willpower or using a discipline such as Potence correctly

Learning Rituals: To learn rituals, you must work towards learning it for a designated time in-character. Once this time is complete, you must spend XP equivalent to 3x the Ritual Level in order to learn it. In order for time to be counted, a post must be made at least once every two days demonstrating the player studying and practicing the ritual.

1st level - 2 weeks
2nd level - 1 month
3rd level - 2 months
4th level - 4 months
5th level - 6th months

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