Welcome to L.A. in Anarchy

Ever since the Anarch revolt in 1944 Los Angeles hasn't been the same. With the Anarchs in power, the other factions have fallen by the wayside, scrambling to pick up the pieces of their broken orders. The free state has been going strongly ever since, much to the annoyance of both the Sabbat and the Camarilla. A scattering of independent clans have sprung up in the wake of this power shift, some accumulating power to oppose the major Sects and some others just hope to maintain a comfortable and quiet life away from the danger of Sect politics.


Years later, the Baron has grown lazy, resigned to leave things as they are in the assumption that his reign of power would never end. This folly is seen as a ripe opportunity to the growing numbers of the opposing Sects, each vying to take control of the city.

…Will the Sabbat finally hold the city in their clutches and utilize L.A. as a brutal war-front for their impending Gehenna?

…Will the Camarilla bring about a ruthless new era of order to maintain the Masquerade in this corrupted City of Angels?

…Or will Anarchs bolster their waning numbers and continue to fight tooth and claw to keep their city free from an outdated system of government?

This is for you to help decide. We hope you'll join a cause and descend deeper into L.A. in Anarchy.


Los Angeles in Anarchy is a Vampire: The Masquerade Role-playing server using the 20th Anniversary Edition. Our server strives for a world that is (almost) completely player-controlled with a focus on political intrigue, interpersonal relationships, and the struggle between the various clans.

If you've come from a tabletop environment, you may be delighted or disappointed to discover that this server is not a game. While there are elements and remnants of game-play mechanics in use, LAiA is a Role-play Heavy, Game Light environment, which means we focus on story over dice-rolling mechanics.

While we do use game's mechanics to facilitate certain actions, this is an environment to write, collaborate, share and interact with each other while exploring stories together as a community. If you decide to join us, you must understand that this is not meant to be Player One versus a bunch of generated NPCs, as you would encounter in a video game; Nor is it intended to be used for intense PvP combat scenarios, though we do indulge in combat scenes on occasion and with high-tailored ground-rules that may change on a case-by-case basis.

Our goal as Storytellers is to assist you on your journey to let you find out who your characters are along the way. When you step into Los Angeles in Anarchy, you're not entering into a gaming environment, as much as you are stepping into a fully-realized city-scape, with its own history, a beating heart, and real people who wish to interact with you as a human being first and a vampire secondly. Please be respectful of the community that exists when you enter into it, as many of us have been building this space from the ground up. We have worked hard to make this a safe, comfortable space for players to express themselves in a healthy, creative way. Abuse and toxicity will not be tolerated, so please be on your best behavior when you're Out of Character.

Not in it for the politics? No problem. Feel free to participate in periodic events, both general and holiday-themed. Develop your own character arcs and side plots that help to make the world come alive with mundane, everyday scenarios. Each scene we write adds a new facet to our shining city, so no plot is too small or inconsequential to be interesting and appreciated.

Are you a new player? No worries! We have a team of Storytellers that are ready and willing to teach you the ropes, as well as many veteran players who are more than happy to take a fledgling under their wing and assist you as you become familiar with the concept.

If you are ready to pull down the mask and respect the Masquerade, we welcome you to join the ​server here:


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